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Online Marketing Ever felt that your marketing message isn't getting heard?




With the right Online Marketing, it will....

If you want your site to be found, I can help.
There's no mystery about online marketing - it's simply a range of tools that you can use to achieve the business aims you want - such as more customers and more profit.

Online marketing is also great for retaining the customers you already have - much easier than getting new ones!

The trick is to consistently apply the tools you decide to marketing isn't an event - it's an ongoing process.
So, whether you need your site Search Engine Optimised so you get better rankings on Google, effective email marketing set up, a properly managed pay-per-click campaign or want to incorporate Social Media into the mix, contact me.
I can help you put plans in place so that you can use Online Marketing to achieve the business goals you want.
I can even show you how to do it yourself - so that you're independent!
If you want to find out how to stand out from the crowd - contact me now.

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Anwick Forge 
".......targeting that customer base and doing it in a time efficient yet effective way, which is why we have and continue to work with John."
Frances Mackereth, Partner, Anwick Forge



Coastal Business Development Programme
This project ran for 2 1/2 years for Lincolnshire coastal businesses .....

Coastal Business Development Programme
Second day's presentation

Better Business Event - Lincolnshire Chamber
I was asked to present seminars at the Lincoln Better Business Event........