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Why work with me as your web consultant?

After working in the web industry since 1997, I've seen many missed opportunities - websites that just didn't do anything for the business, through to ones that actively damaged a firms' reputation!

How will I work with you?

Unlike many other web consultants, I start with your business aims, not the technology.
What are you trying to achieve? What's your business aims? What can the website do to help that?
Once we've worked out the "whats" - the "hows" become much clearer....
I'll work with you to develop a web site that works for your business, that you can (and should) add to and alter over time (easily) - so that it never gets stale.
Once you've got a site that works for your business, we can look at how to get great rankings on Google search, how to set up effective email marketing or monitor how well it's all going. Every client is different.
I've worked with businesses from "blue chip" to start-ups, from simple sites to complex ecommerce ones, so I've probably seen - and solved - issues like yours before!

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Anwick Forge 
".......targeting that customer base and doing it in a time efficient yet effective way, which is why we have and continue to work with John."
Frances Mackereth, Partner, Anwick Forge



Coastal Business Development Programme
This project ran for 2 1/2 years for Lincolnshire coastal businesses .....

Coastal Business Development Programme
Second day's presentation

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